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Flustered - Septiplier
"Jack? Jack. Jack!"
Felix crouched in front of his best friend to see him sitting and daydreaming on the couch. It had taken 5 minutes for him to get through to him, which he was finding hard to believe.
"Welcome to the real word, Jack. What were you dreaming about that I couldn't even talk to you for fuck's sake," Felix said, moving back towards the kitchen.
Whatever Jack was thinking about obviously made him embarrassed, since when this question was asked the boys cheeks turned bright pink and he stared down at the floor, twiddling his thumbs.
"Um, nothing?" he said, knowing straight away that Felix was not going to drop it at that.
"Nothing hey? Well, I don't think it was bearing in mind that you were pretty absorbed into nothing a few minutes ago," Felix snickered. "Come on bro, you can tell me!"
"Fine. It's not as if you have any other friends to tell anyway," Jack said smiling at the ground. "I was thinking about a guy I met,"
Now that was interesting, w
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Seduced - Septiplier
Everyone knew Sean McLoughlin was a badass. Everyone knew that if you got involved with him bad shit happened. 
So why the fuck, Mark thought to himself, did he get involved? He knew as soon as he couldn't stop staring at the guy he was screwed.
Now, Mark was at a party and was trying really hard not to fuck up. One embarrassing thing could ruin everything. The room was filled with blaring music that started off the night's rave. People surrounded him, drinks in hand and standing without a single care in the world. Mark knew he had to get out of there. He had officially arrived and mingled for 20 minutes and now it was time to go home. He had accepted Sean's invitation and used it, and now it was time to leave before he messed anything up. 
Pushing his way through the crowd, he found himself a few steps away from the door which currently had massive groups of people flooding in. All he had to do was stay hidden and then slip out silently. It was too ea
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F***ing Perfect - Septiplier
As I wandered into our flat, I called out for him. Normally he would be there to greet me but I was early and he was probably busy. I just hoped that I hadn't interrupted him and collapsed on the sofa. I had been working at the Grump space all day so I was exhausted. All I needed was him but if he was busy, of course, I would wait. I was sure that he would have heard the door shut and my call and with no reply I just assumed he would be working. That was until I heard the bang.
Suspicious, I stood up from the sofa and softly made my way up the stairs. My heart began racing. What if he was hurt? What if someone had broken in and I just hadn't even realised? In an instant I burst through the door to see Jack burst towards the bathroom which was in the opposite direction as me and a lamp on the floor.
"Jack? What's wrong?"
I managed to stop him from fleeing the room. He just sort of halted, still facing away from me. What was he hiding?
"Hi Mark," he said, his voice cracking and h
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Holy Trinity of Youtube + SPEEDPAINT by Konoira Holy Trinity of Youtube + SPEEDPAINT :iconkonoira:Konoira 3,397 137 AntiDarkComic3 by cartoonjunkie AntiDarkComic3 :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 2,331 781 AntiDarkComic2 by cartoonjunkie AntiDarkComic2 :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,869 142 AntiDarkComic1 by cartoonjunkie AntiDarkComic1 :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,906 166 AntiDark - Shocked by cartoonjunkie AntiDark - Shocked :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 2,843 1,681 Freak on a Leash by cartoonjunkie Freak on a Leash :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 2,677 627 Darkiplier Collar Revenge by cartoonjunkie Darkiplier Collar Revenge :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 2,091 268 Narkiplier HackSepticEye Sketches by cartoonjunkie Narkiplier HackSepticEye Sketches :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 2,393 242
Bath Time~
Bath Time~
Mark sighs and he sinks down in the hot water of the bubble filled bath.  The stress he had once felt draining from him, steam drifts around the room and fogs up the mirror.
Mark is fighting drowsiness when a timid knock on the door makes his eyes snap open. Who could that be? There is only one other person in the house and he is taking a nap. The voice that comes through the door clears his confusion.
“Can I come in?” Sean asks
Mark takes a moment to think. Why would Sean want to come in? He is naked in the bath his clothes resting on the toilet.
“Yes?” Mark says, making it sound like a question
There is click and the white door creaks open. Mark dips further into the bath, the only thing visible is his head and the tips of his feet. Sean slips into the room and closes the door behind him. he waves away the steam to get a good look at Mark.
“May I join you?” Sean asks
They have seen each other naked before. If las
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Not a Tattoo :iconkittykatrocks12:kittykatrocks12 34 33
MarkDark by cartoonjunkie MarkDark :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 1,751 285 MarkDark2 by cartoonjunkie MarkDark2 :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 2,043 724 MarkDark3 by cartoonjunkie MarkDark3 :iconcartoonjunkie:cartoonjunkie 2,248 1,299


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